Immigrants Building
Midwestern Business

“I’m a very proud American, but I believe there are things we can do to improve on as a country—one of those things is immigration.”
Edi Demaj, Kosovo

Demaj's Story

Demaj arrived in Detroit in 1999 as a refugee fleeing the war in his home country of Kosovo.


“In order to be an entrepreneur, you have to be determined. And with that determination, you will find a way to make the immigration system work."
Robert Haidari, Poland

Haidari's Story

Haidari came to the United States in 2002 on a student visa.



“To succeed in the American immigration system, it seems you have to both be phenomenal [in business] and have connections." 
Ujjwal Gupta, India

Gupta's Story

Gupta is the Indian founder of BenchPrep, a Chicago-based education technology startup.