Membership Levels

It is a place to come and learn in real time about what’s happening in the world.

– Ed B., member since 1991

[The Council] is a group of curious people that are interested in discussing the ideas that shape our lives both big and small.

– Hilary B., member since 2016

The Council has provided me an opportunity to connect with others in my community interested in global affairs.

–Blair J., member since 2015

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As a Council member, you can increase your global acumen and cultural intelligence to stay ahead, mingle with other members, network to find professional connections, and support the idea of US engagement in global affairs right here in Chicago.

Memberships donations are completely tax-deductible and can be made in monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions.

Young Professionals Network

Nearly 2,000 smart, sophisticated Council members under the age of 40 participate in the Council's YP Network. Through this network, you will see, hear, and interact with the world's most influential thinkers and doers; rub shoulders and network with Chicago’s rising young business and civic leaders; and gain insights needed to compete in a fast-changing global economy.

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